Distant Violins 10 & 11

A double treat today with 2 editions of Distant Violins both thanks to good work of Richard Watter. DV #10 features The Violent Femmes, Wet Taxis and The Lighthouse Keepers and the gloriously attired DV #11 brings Young Marble Giants and The Chills in a cover that will make you the envy of everyone on the bus.

Cats and Kitties

If you use Instagram you might like to know The Cat’s Miaow have recently joined and are posting some covetable collectables. And while you’re tapping the tin for feline related TOYTOWN alumni you’re going to also want some Kittycraft in your news feed.


Distant Violins #1 (July 1982)

An early Christmas gift to end this complex year – the very first edition of Distant Violins (Winter 1982). Featuring The Moodists, The Go-Betweens, Altered Images, Bryce Perrin, Systematics, a meticulously proofread crossword, comics and more. All at the friends’ price of free. Thanks to Darren Vandenburg for the scan. Enjoy.

Distant Violins 1

Distant Violins #4 (Feb-March 1983)

DV 4 has been sourced – thanks to DV fan Darren Vandenburg – and it’s a goodie too – with pieces on The Reels, The Fall and (the late) Patrick Gibson. Also included is David’s reply from Countdown about the ‘progressive’ band, The Go-Betweens.

Distant Violins 4

Distant Violins #9 (1984)

Well it’s been a long time between posts, welcome to the internet. Here’s a goodie, #9 with Psuedo Echo, once-a-Reel Karen Ansell, The Great Unwashed and nothing else mentioned on the cover (but inside, spoiler alert, The Triffids and reviews).

Distant Violins 9

Everything’s Roses

Related to the Distant Violins publishing empire was this great non-music zine from 1984 called Everything’s Roses – a collaborative work from David Nichols and Megan Edwards. The letters page is killer. Side issue, I also have the original of the cover illustration hanging on my study wall. Nice.

Everything’s downloading Roses

Everything’s Roses – Promotional PosterEverythings Roses Poster

Distant Violins #8 (1983)

Here we are again, this time with Distant Violins #8. the one “everyone’s talking about”, and no wonder as it comes with a special bonus Tinytown flexi disc.

Articles include interviews with Tiny Town, Zeee Toons and The Triffids, a bunch of reviews (Pel Mel, John Cooper Clarke, Painters and Dockers, Psuedo Echo and The Reels’ superb Pitt Street Farmers mini-lp). There’s also some nice memories of Gaumont Books and Exposure Records via the ads.

Distant Violins #8

Tiny Town Flexi (mp3 files)
Back To The Bow
Big Fish