This page is a document to TOYTOWN, an Australian indie music label devoted to releasing obscure and wonderful recordings.
The Story…
TOYTOWN began in 1988. Inspired by K and Distant Violins TOYTOWN set out to establish it’s own identity in the indie landscape. With one eye on the stars and the other on the practicalities of a budget TOYTOWN created gorgeous looking, great sounding, low-cost cassettes and sundry items. TOYTOWN also released cheery catalogues to advertise the releases.

Over the years TOYTOWN was the launching pad for such bands as Sukpatch, Stinky Fire Engine, Blairmailer, Land Of The Loops, Crabstick, Kitty Craft, The Ah Club, The Cat’s Miaow and a pit stop for many others. Also included in the TOYTOWN roster have been The Cannanes, Beat Happening, Mecca Normal and The Go Team, to name some of the well known bands. There were also the delightfully obscure discoveries such as Southern Latvian Barbecue, Pot Lobster Bitch, Pogey Bait and Lolly Plop And The Fatty Egg. And no one who ever heard it could possibly forget The Waving Sticks.

As it grows this web site will include a full run down of everything including images, track listings, trivia, reviews and whatever else seems relevant.  Also expect label ephemera, scans of the catalogues and other treats. We spoil you really…

What Happened?

was active from 1988 – 1998. 10 years, not a bad effort really. Still, at the 10 year period I decided it was time to close the label for an indefinite period, but this website is a chance to revive it in a new way.

Products from the label are no longer available and the music, unless released outside of TOYTOWN is currently unavailable.

A huge thank you to everyone that made TOYTOWN what it was. I hope it enhanced your life in some way, it certainly did mine.