Distant Violins

For the first time ever, TOYTOWN is making David Nichols Australian fanzine Distant Violins available in PDF form, free to download. I have numerous editions of DV in my collection, but I am calling out for the missing ones should anyone have them – I need scans or generous donations of the original print copies of editions 4, 10, 11, 26 (and if there are any after 28) – if you can help please get in touch.

Click on the links in the edition headings to open/download a PDF.

Distant Violins #1 (July 1982) [coming soon]

Distant Violins #2

Distant Violins #2 (August 1982)

Includes articles on The Fall, The Birthday Party, Epic Soundtracks, Plays With Marionettes, People With Chairs Up Their Noses and more. Superb cover art as well.

Distant Violins #3 (Dec-Jan ’82-’83)

We’re back for more with Distant Violins #3, the “absolutely fab issue” with  Hunters & Collectors, MEO 245, David Chesworth, the second part of the articles on The Birthday Party (“part II and still not over”) and The Fall, more reviews. There’s also “not much else”. Enjoy.

Distant Violins #4

The Reels, The Fall and (the late) Patrick Gibson and David’s reply from Countdown about the ‘progressive’ band, The Go-Betweens. Thanks to Darren Vandenburg for the scan.

Distant Violins #5 (1983)

#5 is the subtitled The Curse Of the Go-Betweens with a feature interview, an article on The Curse, live reviews (The Birthday Party, Corpse Grinders, The Scientists), a crossword and comics.

Distant Violins #6 (1983)

It’s DV #6 – The Moodists, Bring Phillip, The Frontier Scouts, even more Go-Betweens and the adventures of Dwight Planxty and the Deaf Squirrels. It’s all here.

Distant Violins #7 (1983)

Plays With Marionettes, The Triffids, Zee Tunes, Tiny Town, The Particles, The Church “and much more than you bargained for!” (which includes The Celibate Rifles, The Clean, Sneaky Feelings and whatnot.)

Bonus: Included with this issue is a booklet featuring an interview with The Particles. Download here

Distant Violins #8 (1983)

The Triffids, Zeee Tunes, Tiny Town, reviews of the Reels, Pel Mel and John Cooper Clark. Also comes with a bonus

Tiny Town Flexi disc (links below).

Back to the Bow
Big Fish

Distant Violins #9 (1984)

Karen Ansell, The Great Unwashed, Pseudo Echo, The Triffids, a price rise (not for you) and a kawaii cover.

Distant Violins #10 (1984) [Missing]

Distant Violins #11 (1984) [Missing]

Distant Violins #12 (1984)  – cassette edition (info coming soon)

Distant Violins #13 (1984)

What a cover! Screen printed and all.

Features on The Moodists, an interiew with Jill Burt of the Triffids, Catchcry, a poem by Greg Appel and a letter from Nikki Sudden.

More editions being added as we go along.